Cultivation of vegetables at a secondary school

Coltivazione di ortaggi nella scuola di Ngaparou in Senegal: un allievo al lavoro nell'orto della scuola

The project involves the cultivation of vegetables in the area of a secondary school attended by about 150 students.
The vegetable garden measures 25 by 15 meters, is located  near the school,  fenced and and has easy access to water.
The first crop has been sold and the income used for administration expenses of the small school.
The garden is managed by the students, looked aftert by a teacher and with clear educational aims: it is very important that children learn how to cultivate the land. The acquired knowledge will help them to support their families and themselves in the future.
Our local representative Mr Ibou Diouf, director of the school where the vegetable garden has been created, says that the cultivation of vegetables will be resumed in November after the summer break.
This time it will be carried out autonomously without the need for additional financing.
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