KENYA The school Romamwe in the village of Ndaragwa

The Karibu Ndugu Association, was set up in 2014 by a group of young persons, mostly studets, after their first trip to Kenya.
On that occasion they met Rosemary, director of the small school Romamwe, in the village of Ndaragwa, near Nyahururu, about 180 km North of Nairobi.
Rosemary devotes time, effort and the spaces at her disposal to give life to a school, which rises on the land surrounding her house.
In 2010 the classrooms were all in sheet metal, the small kitchen and the toilets in conditions completely inadequate to the needs of the many children who attended it, also coming  from many nearby villages.
Back home in Italy the group of young travellers started to involve their friends by telling their experience. Together they have given life to a project to support Romamwe and his community.
Today the school is housing about 160 primary school pupils and the school staff consists of 12 teachers (4 of whom are graduates) who also take care of the organization and maintenance of the structure.
The masonry classrooms are 8 and the common areas are being restored. A first block of bathrooms is currently under construction.

The  excavation of a well equipped with a pump powered by photovoltaic energy, overhead tanks and a small distribution network for the village, was done.

In October 2019 two new dormitories were built that will host 48 children during the school year.

For 2020, the new objectives are the construction of the kitchen and the canteen for the school.
To achieve these goals, the boys and girls of Karibu Ndugu are committed to make themselves known and involve new supporters by organizing different types of events: soccer tournaments, dinners, aperitifs, catering services, parties …

The challenge of bringing the school and the community to be independent and self-sufficient is  going on in a very positive way.
Karibu and Come Noi, have worked together to enhance the objectives, development and results of the project.
To learn more about the projects and activities of Karibu Ndugu, you can visit their website web site and   Facebook page.