Come Noi Comme nous Senegal and AICU

Come Noi projects in Senegal are managed by the Comme Nous Senegal association, with our financial and operational control: some of us are in fact part of the organizing committee. Comme Nous Senegal is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Dr. Niang, pediatrician, Dr. Bassene, general practitioner and our local representative Ibou Diouf, professor and President. Comme Nous Senegal has its own statute and its own organizational structure which makes it autonomous in its work. The headquarters is in La Somone at the “Jamm la Paix” school directed by President Ibou Diouf.

Currently the management of Comme Nous Senegal is composed by Ibou Diouf, president, Mamadou Sanè, treasurer, Francois Dogue, secretary and Boniface Diemme, driver and logistician.

The association can also manage other projects and find funds independently: An excellent result in line with our objective of creating the right terrain on site to give birth and to develope initiatives designed and managed by local people.

From 2021, all health projects launched in Senegal are 50% co-financed by the Italian Carlo Urbani Association (AICU).