SENEGAL Digging wells in the villages near Mbour

For years the activity of building water wells has continued, initially with the support of the non-profit organization Un puit pour la vie and subsequently with the One Love association.

The objective is to improve the quality of life in many villages and involve local communities in the management, maintenance and control of water resources.

In Senegal, water scarcity is still a cause of infant mortality and  gastrointestinal diseases, and creates difficulties for agricultural cultivation and all domestic uses.

Near the rapidly expanding city of Mbour there are still settlements with little access to clean water, persons have to go on foot or by makeshift means 6-7 kilometers away. The aqueduct arrives nearby, but no one can afford the connection cost (which exceeds €300) and the related fee.

Water is found at depths that can be easily reached at low cost. The relief from fatigue for women is enormous and the happiness when a new well is inaugurated is uncontainable.

Since 2010, with the contribution of Come Noi, 20 wells have been built to guarantee access to clean water for thousands of people.

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