RWANDA Basketwork in Byumba

The project has been proposed to Come Noi by Sister Odette, who intends to reactivate the school of basketry at the Mgr. Ruzindane center in Byumba. It is aimed at young orphans who cannot stay at school.
Thanks to this project they can learn a job, having the possibility of self-employment and keep themselves away from the risk of drugs and prostitution.
Come Noi has decided to support the project for a period of three years starting in 2016.
The building where the courses will be held is under construction, in the meantime other available rooms are being used. The students are 10, with a regularly paid trainer.
The objective is to extend training to other women in order to increase production and earnings.
The objects can be sold on local markets and in the Caritas handicraft shop in Kigali.

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