RWANDA Clay manufacturing in Muyanza

Lavorazione dell'argilla a Muyanz gli allievi della scuola danno forma ad vaso

In autumn 2016 Abbé Jean Népomuscène submitted to Come Noi the new project of clay manufacturing.
The goal was to develop the management autonomy of the inhabitants of Muyanza, integrating the agricultural income of the families involved with the one coming from the commercialization of the objects produced.
The initiative is part of a regional project for promoting creativity and innovation in art and domestic objects.
Clay manufacturing will be used for the production of household and bathroom wares.
Muyanza clay is the best in the area: the Congo imports it to build tiles. Come Noi after having analyzed the project, decides to support it.
With the funding of Come Noi, a teacher is paid to start a 3-month training of the eight members of the cooperative. During the period they will receive a small cash contribution and become owners of the objects produced, so that they can sell them keeping the money for themselves.
The training includes: using the lathe to shape objects, cooking techniques, color preparation and coloring techniques.
Each trainee will, in turn, train another 8 people and will be paid as a “trainer”.
The first year of experimentation showed that it will be necessary to extend the training period, given the complexity of the techniques to be learned and to insert more experienced and qualified trainers.

The project is currently suspended due to a landslide at the end of 2018 that destroyed the clay quarry and caused the death of two people.

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