TOGO Escavation of water wells

Il pozzo di Afagna Gbleta

From 2018 the escavation of wells has started in a -for us-  new African country: TOGO.
Thanks to the suggestion of one of our members Paolo Pianezza, we have got in touch with Christian Katou, and with the APMED association.
Christian asked us to partially finance the escavation of a well in the village of Afagna Gbleta.
As we are trying to extend our activities in new countries, we have no plans in Togo and the political situation there, is not as problematic as in most African states, we have decided to approve the project and to finance it.
The realization has been very fast: in a few weeks the escavation has been concluded with great benefit for the population.
During the work it was decided to build a fence around the well to protect it.
The additional costs, not foreseen in the original loan, have been payed for by the citizens who use the well.
This involvement makes us think that use and maintenance of the well will be done appropriately
Given this excellent start, in mid-October we decided to contribute to the construction of another well in the village of Sandale Kope.
In 2019 we would like to face a much bigger challenge: the construction of  a high school,  in Afagna Gbleta.
This school would allow 150 boys and girls to study for free and then be able to face the university or the job giving an important contribution to the development of Togo, with entrepreneurial and managerial initiatives.