The urbanization project of the favela Vila Canoas

In the 90s, Giuliana and Franco Urani involved us in a great urbanization project born from their proximity to the ‘favelados’- inhabitants of the’ favela’- of Vila Canoas in Rio de Janeiro , the slum grown around their house.

The ambitious objective was to provide not only the essential services for an acceptable life, but also to give full citizenship to the ‘favelados’, ignored by the authorities of the city and of the state, mostly unknown even in the registry office.

The project was complex and the most challenging, even in financial terms, ever faced by Come Noi. But the strong commitment of Giuliana, Franco and many inhabitants of the favela, who believed in the project, beat the difficulties. Today, in Vila Canoas, there are productive activities, artisan shops visited by tourists and even ‘bed and breakfast’. Many of those who were ‘meninos de rua’ attend high school and some of them university. What was a ‘favela’ is nowadays a small district in Rio de Janeiro, given that the city government officially recognized (in 2006) the names of the streets that once were the “favelas” of Vila Canoas and Pedra Bonita.

Today Lidia Urani  carries on a new challenge with the ong  ParaTi  Amizade e Solidariedade