RWANDA Construction of a disabled center in Muyanza

The inauguration of the Center

In 2018 Come Noi decided to finance the construction of a disabled center in Muyanza.
The works began in January 2018 (the old building was demolished, the walls of the new structure were erected and the roof was laid) and ended in February 2019 and in the same month the center was inaugurated.
After the inauguration, the center began its activities with a training action for the families of handicapped children as well as pupils and teachers of elementary and middle school for an education to welcome and help children handicap.
A Center Management Committee has been appointed headed by the head of the parish Caritas and composed of two representatives of the Association of families of handicapped children, a representative of the educated and trained volunteers for kinesitherapy and two members of the Parish Caritas Committee.
A functional rehabilitation service and a workshop for the creation and repair of orthopedic equipment have started and supported by rehabilitation technicians and health professionals.
Neuropsychiatrists from the Psychosocial consultation service of Kigali, go on site to evaluate cases and train volunteers.
The second phase of the project will be started as soon as possible.
It concerns the construction of a Center for the reception of national and international volunteers and professionals who, in perspective, will be equipped to welcome and accommodate up to 50 people.
For this second phase there is the contact with a Belgian Association, “UMUBANO”, which already supports some local Associations and which has declared itself interested in supporting the project.
Furthermore, the Caritas Diocesana is taking steps to take charge of the Center with an economic intervention as well.