CAMEROUN installing a mill in Foumban

Il mulino costruito a Foumbant in CongoDuring July 2020, through father Giovanni Gonco, who spent 22 years as a missionary in Cameroun, we received a pressing request by father Eric for buying a mill and a building where to place it safely.
And this with the aim of giving some hope to a group of English-speaking Cameroun people who had to leave their land, their houses and everything, several years ago to escape persecution as an ethnic minority. The group includes about 50 families, with some invalids, for a total of about 150 people, including many kids, without a school where to go, in a Country that does not speak their language, although it is their Country!
To have the possibility of grinding the vegetables that they grow, with hard work, would give them some possibilities of selling part of their products,thus being able to contribute to the subsistence of the family, not dependig on external help, not always available.
We have found the request well grounded and therefore we have sent the requested funding (4780 €): The mill and the building where it has been placed have been inaugurated and blessed during last November.
Now the structure is ready to start the production!