Since 2018 we are supporting the agricultural projects started by a great woman, Aimée Ngoma, for the organization named “Femme Lève Toi” that she founded in 2009.
The aim is to help a group of women leaving in an agricultural are in the Maluku municipality, about 1000 Km North-East of Kinshasa.
The women cultivate the soil of the association and using the products or selling them mantain their families and can send their children to school.
Until last year Aimée, Congolese, leaving and working in Italy since many years, has spent her summer vacations in Congo, working with the women of Femme Lève Toi.
Recently, some hectars of soil have been bought, adjacent to those already belonging to the association. Now the property extends for 10 hectars, making the property relevant and more worth of consideration by the local authorities.
The association Femme Lève Toi gives also a remote support to about 80 children, paying for their tuition.