SENEGAL Educational vegetable garden, chicken breeding and the music project at the Ngaparou High School

The help to the Ngaparou High School, where Come Noi has built the library – now a multimedia room, goes on not only with the medical examinations, but also with the educational vegetable garden, the chicken-breeding and the music project.
The success of the projects is ensured by the initiative and commitment of the excellent rector Madame Awa Thiam.
The educational vegetable garden, started in 2019 using the water from the well co-financed by Come Noi, in February 2020 was already producing peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, sald, cucumbers… In the area have been also planted 50 mango trees, each of them taken care of by a student of the high school. In the henhouse a hundred cicken were grown in two-month cycles, and then the chicken were sold and the income used for supporting the school activities. Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are closed since March 2020, and the vegetable garden and chik-rearing activities have been suspended.
The music project has started with the acquisition of a piano, bought with the money cashed from a concert organized in June 2019 in the Torino cathedral, in collaboration with the MUSICARE association and the youth orchestras “Jugend Sinfonietta” and “Leopold Mozart Sinfonietta”. The concert yelded 4.000 €. Of these, 2.000 € have been used to by a piano in Dakar, donated to the High School on February 2020, and the remaining 2.000 € are used to sustain the student studies of the traditional local music.