South Sudan Juba – Agricultural Project

Donne Del Sud Sudan al lavoro grazie al Progetto Agricolo di Come Noi Onlus

Aim of the project is the cultivation of part of the land managed by the Salesians of Don Bosco in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.
It’s a fertile land of about 100 hectars that does not require investment for irrigation and is only partly occupied by buildings.

Start up of the Project
In the first phase, in year 2017, a first 20-hectare parcel is cultivated with the help of women coming from a nearby refugee camp, where about 5,000 people live, mainly women and children.
About 100 women, who will be guaranteed meals for 250 days, will follow training courses to learn how to work the land.
The initial tilling of the land will be carried out by specialized personnel who will use the tractor and the tools provided by Come Noi funding.
The agricultural project involves a total financial commitment of € 73.800.
The financial allocation for the first phase of the agricultural project covers:

– purchase in Italy and shipment to Juba of a tractor and related accessories, tools for women (spades, hoes, etc.) and seeds, for a total of € 23,900

– selection of 100 women to be trained and entrusted with cultivation, with a cost of about € 20,000, including meals

– remuneration of 2 agricultural experts for the training of the participating women: € 2,400.

Second phase of the project

In the course of 2018, after completing the first phase, we decided to keep the second one on stand by: local contacts have changed and the current ones don’t give sufficient guarantees for the project development.