SENEGAL Health in the schools of Mbour Ngaparou and Somone

visite mediche nelle scuole

The school health project was born in 2017 and integrates the health culture project activated between 2007 and 2014.

In Senegal some chronic diseases are present in schools: asthma, nutritional, infectious, cardiological, neurological and hematological diseases. It is difficult to have access to specialist doctors so diseases are diagnosed late and followed irregularly. This, in addition to the increase in infant mortality, creates absenteeism and poor school performance.

The program planned the visit of about 1000 students from the following schools: Jamm la Paix and the high school in La Somone, the boarding school and the high school in Ngaparou. Four medical consultations were carried out in each school during each school year.

In 2019-20, the horticulture and chicken coop project was implemented in Ngaparou High School under the supervision of the principal Mrs. Awa Thiam. A similar project is planned for 2024 in Nguenyene high school.

After on-site discussions with Comme Nous and the schools’ directors, it has been decided to replace, from 2024, the consultations, actually on request for predominantly healthy students, with lessons on preventive medicine topics (sexual health, substance abuse, dental hygiene etc.).

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