BRAZIL CET of Cachoeira de Pajeù


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The CET (Centro Educaçao e Trabalho) of Cachoeira de Pajeù is one of the most important educational projects activated by Come Noi in Brazil.
It was founded in 1992 as an afterschool for a few girls and boys and was based in a small building on the suburbs: the old deconsecrated catholic church of Cachoeira, where there was a small vegetable garden also attended by boys and the embroidery school for girls.
Over the past 20 years, the CET has seen many relevant transformations in structures and functions: new IT rooms, a new hall for school meals and organized events, a new platform for capoeira (Brazilian martial art) and others gymnastic-artistic activities, until the recent acquisition, on loan of use, of the rooms in a building adjacent to the CET, for the music school. 
Today, the CET houses about 120 boys and girls, in two shifts (morning and afternoon) with after-school activities and cultural and work training (vegetable garden, computer, embroidery, fabric design, carpentry, music, capoeira …), exercising subsidiary action, to make up for the chronic lack of classroom of public school which cannot  provide the “full time” that the Brazilian government has been planning for some time.
The CET works in close contact with the public school, and, in recognition of its social usefulness, it obtains important funding from public assistance organizations . Unfortunately, in the last two years the economic situation of Brazil has worsened and the first consequence of this state of crisis has been a drastic reduction of the contributions by the Social Service from the Association of Minas Industrialists.
The financial autonomy of educational projects, which was beginning to be seen, is on an “uphill” path again.
With the economic crisis, the need to provide an educational service and food for the children and young of families belonging to the weakest groups, grows further.
Despite these premises, for 2022 CET has not needed financing from Come Noi, because it has received funding from  the local administration. Therefore, we have anyway maintained, for 2024, the same financing as previous year: 2000 €

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