BRAZIL Associação Beneficente Agape – Curral de Dentro


The ABA was founded in 1991 in Curral de Dentro; at the beginning it was named Bertolusso Foundation and had  professional and educational training aims similar to those of the CET (Centro Educação e Trabalho) and autonomous funds, but soon has found itself in economic difficulties.

Don Sergio asked Come Noi for help to avoid abandoning a well-established professional training activity, in an organized and equipped structure; help that we have been happy to give.
The ABA also has agreements with social services and therefore enjoys local contributions, even though less than the CET. About a hundred students are attending.
In recent years, the industrial sewing school, equipped with a separate contribution, has been added to the ABA facilities.

The professional training school has been very successful and is also attended by some adults, as well as by the young: consequently we had to build a new classroom to give back to the boys the one used for the sewing school.
Unfortunately, in the last few years the economic situation of Brazil has got worse and the first consequence of this state of crisis has been a drastic reduction of the contributions of the Social Service of the Association of Industrialists of Minas.
The economic crisis makes it even stronger the need for an educational and integration service, including food for children and boys belonging to the most vulnerable families.
Despite these premises, for 2022 the ABA had fewer needs for help, partly due to the closure caused by Covid and partly because it has fortunately received funding from other entities, fortunately obtained also this year. We have therefore been able to reduce a little the allocated funds for 2023-2024, compared to what was needed last year .

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