BRAZIL Ouro Verde “Casa Come Noi”


Casa Come Noi of Ouro Verde, managed by the “directoria” of the ACOP, was established in 1991 to give a school education to the poorest children of the surrounding area, and to provide assistance to those in pre-school age.
Children come from extremely disadvantaged families and risk to waste their time on the street, when not attending lessons, with all the associated risks.
They need help in studying and doing homework, so that they do not to fall behind with their studies and are not expelled from school, but they need also a food integration, which Casa Come Noi provides as breakfast  or lunch, in the two shifts complementary to the schoolshifts.
The original structure of Casa Come Noi, extremely simple, has had small improvements over the years (bathrooms for children, renovation of the kitchen, the construction of a base, color painting a bit more cheerful), but it has remained very simple and poor.
In 2015, after the death of the president of ACOP Lindolfo, a need to reorganize the ACOP was felt, and consequently also Casa Come Noi, that from ACOP depends..
Rediscovered the desire, and some funding, and given the persistence of the need to provide after school and school lunch to the poorest children (no longer in preschool age – now there is a municipal structure that works!), the “management” of the ACOP has re-opened Casa Come Noi and asked us for help.
Although with some hesitation, we decided to resume the support.
In 2017 the school training of Casa Come Noi is back to work independently.
During the COVID emergency Casa Come Noi was closed, but now is open and working again!

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