RWANDA Kibirizi professional school

Gli allievi della scuola dei mestieri di Kibirizi costruiscono il locale dove si terra il corso di costruzioni

In 2017 Come Noi accepts a new challenge proposed by Mons.Fourissier in the field of professional training: The restructuring and maintenance of the Kibirizi professional school.
The project is aimed at young people who have finished school but cannot find a job.
It’s part of the current government system, which promotes the professional training of young people at risk.
Our contribution should cover three years.
During the first year the salaries of two teachers, a social worker and the material used for the courses have been  payed for by Come NOi.
For their part, the students provide scholastic material, food and accommodation.
The professional school is run by 2 brothers and 5 nuns of the community “The temple of love – Ingoro Yurukundo” under the guidance of Père Patrice, director of the school.
It welcomes boys and girls enrolled in cutting and sewing courses (20 places per year), pastry and bakery (10 places per year).
Another 20 places will be available for the construction course that will be held in a location under construction.
Due to the lack of rooms, every student can attend school only two days a week.
For the next two years, additional funding is envisaged for the rent or the construction of other rooms and to increase the days of lesson and the number of courses (hydraulics, welding, electricity).
Annalisa and Franco Schiffo, who will return to Rwanda in late January 2018, will meet Père Patrice for a more in-depth evaluation of the support still needed.

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