DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO- Kinzono agricultural project – Plateau de Batekes

The project was born in 2018 with the aim of giving a group of single women with children the opportunity to cultivate lands their own, purchased thanks to the support of Come Noi and Aimée Ngoma Mbenza founder of the non-profit association Femme Lève Toi.
In the first two years, 6 hectares of land were purchased and today with the purchase of another 16 hectare plot the figure has reached 22!!
The land, adjacent to the previous one, will allow us to increase the cultivation of cassava in particular, and to rotate the fields a bit.
As the cultivated area grew, it also became necessary to purchase a warehouse to store the products.
In order not to leave the warehouse unattended, places have been created to accommodate some women, who thus find temporary hospitality and keep an eye on the situation.
In 2023, a mill was also purchased to grind cassava root and transform it into tapioca, the basic element of local nutrition.
The tapioca flour, sold in 1kg bags packed by women, should make the profit higher and easier to transport.
The mill has been placed in a small space under construction near the village, so that it is safe and convenient to use.
For now it will work with a diesel generator because the solution with solar panels is too expensive and not sufficiently tested.
By having tools available, greater expenses are avoided and it is possible to obtain some income from use by growers external to the association.
To follow the realization of the works Aimée has a person of absolute trust, her namesake, Aimée Nganseme, who will also take care of the documentation and reporting.
In 2023/2024 we will also finance the nursing studies of two girls who will be able to make themselves useful at the end of their training, perhaps by opening a small dispensary.