ITALY Karibu Open – cooperative for sustainable catering in Torino

Karibu Open is a co-op for sustainable catering, aimed to encouraging and accompanying the employment of migrants in the Torino territory.
In order to be effective, the integration should take place throughout the whole process: in the working environment, within a professional team in a professional kitchen, in domestic social contexts, with the users of the catering service, and on the table, creating diverse and variegated menus, clear signs of different identities.

Sustainability is the project guide value and the limit within which each choice will be made. This value is considered and realized in its three forms:

Environmental Sustainability – by careful selection of food in season, by creating a list of selected suppliers, and by minimizing the use of packaging in general and plastic in particular.

Social Sustainability – by including in the activity persons in need, and promoting awareness of an informed nutrition and consumption.

Economic Sustainability – by the commitment to generating income and growth for partner workers.

Come Noi has decided to support this challenge in the 2020-2021 start-up phase.
In the emergency phase due to the pandemic, the members of Karibu Open had to reinvent themselves by offering lunches, dinners and breakfasts with take-away or home delivery.
Today, the restaurant, in Torino – Corso Novara 79a, works at full speed, often hosting musical events, meetings with artists, themed aperitifs, book presentations and debates.
The catering service, adaptable to different occasions, from the small domestic event to a big ceremony, is also in great demand!