TOGO Noepe region – Project to support one-parent families (women with children)

The project primary objective is fighting poverty in the Noepe region, by providing drink water to Tonui-Kope village, helping single women in the village to carry out income-generating activities (e.g.: producing primary food), and to pay for the school of their children (10 families with 30 kids will be selected).
Activities include: digging a well, building a hangar with five ovens for preparing cassava flour (base food), and providing school supplies.
The project, approved last Dicember and started in January 2021, will be carried out by the association DAREE, who presented the project, in association with association APMED, which has been very efficient in carrying out projects in Sandale Kope and Afagnan (Togo): digging two wells and buildiung a high school for 150 students in Afagnan. The Association APMED has been very precise in giving information and answering questions and has given an extensive photograhic documentation of the progress of projects.
The well was finished in February 2022, with the painting and laying of the plaque in memory of our supporters.
The construction of the hangar and ovens for cassava started last September and has also been completed. Like the well, the hangar has also been painted both inside and outside, making the structure clean and tidy.
Our local representative Christian Katou has gone to the site, has personally followed the last stages of the work and attended the inauguration which took place on 7 February 2022 in the presence of the local authorities.
Also in this case the Togolese NGO APMED, with which we carry out our projects, has proved to be efficient and professional, obtaining the expected result in compliance with the deadlines and the budget allocated.
In January, another well was also inaugurated in the village of Mantché, located in the far north of the country, about 550 kilometers from the capital Lomé. Come Noi has participated to this project with a small co-financing (650 €) to allow the works to be completed by the end of last year.