ERITREA Asmara orphanage training courses

With this project for the job training of orphan girls, COME NOI invests again in Eritrea.We think it particularly important in this time when the Country is again involved in new war events caused by the Tigrè conflict, at the Ethiopian border.
The “Figlie di Sant’Anna” Sisters will organize one- or two-year training courses of needleworking, hairstyling, and computer for 12 young orphan girls.
At the end of the 12-year-long compulsory school, when eighteen, the girls in the orphanage are in charge of the Sisters, who provide food, lodging, in apartments on rent, and choose the school the girls will attend.
During the year there will be four occasions for the students to meet and share their experience with other orphans, and for checking their job training.
COME NOI has positively rated the project and decided to support it. We suggest that the students, when will be working, may pay back part of the training cost, to be used for other girls formerly host of the orphanage, or commit themselves to train other young girls.