RWANDA – Nyinawimana Beekeeping second phase

The project starts again after the stop in 2015, due to death of many of the bees and the swarming of many hives.
Honey production needs, besides an appropriate climate, know-how and careful processing and these were somewhat insufficient during the first experience. Furthermore, there was probably the need of growing more flowering trees for pollen production.
We have therefore asked an expert appraisal by local technicians and agronomists before deciding about founding the project. The technicians have given a positive appraisal: it looks like activities have been carried on also with the help of local entities (Caritas, Province veterinaries) and that hives have been partially restored and new plants to help honey production have been grown.
Further actions are needed: restoring the building for the honey processing, fencing the apiaries, installing bee troughs, and training of beekeepers.
For these reasons we have decided to finance the project with 50% of the requested financing (2,500 € of 5000 €)