RWANDA – Byumba Champignons project

This project, sustained by Come Noi from 2009 to 2016 has continued autonomously in the following years. It was stopped during the pandemic due to the inability to buy the materials and to leave the place of recidence. In autumn 2021, at request of soeur Pelagie, Come Noi sent € 1350 for reactivating the project, which restart again only in 2022 because it has taken a long time to get cotton, an essential material for boutures, that comes from Tanzania and from Dubai. In January
The production of the boutures began in January and the harvesting in March.
With the contribution of Come Noi and the proceeds from the sale of the new production, there will be enough money to activate a new culture.
Widows and orphans, helped and guided by soeur Pelagie, can therefore have again a meeting point and find solutions for the extreme poverty in which they found themselves: With the income from the boutures selling, widows can pay for health care and school fees for their children, in addition to food for themselves and their children. Mushrooms, in Rwanda, are a very popular food because, with beans, they partly replace the use of meat, quite expensive.

The 2023 objective: activate mushroom cultivation also in other parishes of the diocese.