A well for the villages Shabana and Butimba

The excavation of the well has been proposed to Come Noi by the Abbé Jean Nepomuscene, for giving water to an area where a situation of extreme shortage has arisen and the inhabitants are forced to draw (dirty) water from a stream at a few kilometres away.
After careful analysis by the project evaluation group, the financing of the project has been approved and the first tranche of € 15,000.00 has been sent. Subsequent transfers of funds must be preceded by a precise reporting of the expenses incurred.
The Abbé Jean Nepomuscene, in charge of the project, will personally follow the progress of the works.
The geological analysis of the ground revealed that sufficient and pure water is available at a depth of 85 meters.
Annalisa and Franco Schiffo, coordinators of projects in Rwanda, went to the site at the end of January 2023 and will update us on the situation soon.