A well for the village Bogou

Bogou is a locality located in northern Togo, in the Savannah region, Tandjouare prefecture, Bogou canton. The area is surrounded by arid mountains.
Over 92% of the population is rural and agricultural.
The real problem of the locality is the lack of water, which forces the population to drink that of the swamps and rivers, increasing health problems caused by microbes and pollutants.
We decided to help the village of Bogou, by building a hand-fed water well, to distribute drinking water to all families
The work will be followed by the Togolese NGO APMED which has supported us in recent years for other activities (construction of a school, ovens and a warehouse for storing cassava, digging wells in other areas of the country).
During the works, a “committee for good water management” will be established, responsible for the proper functioning of the well, for periodic maintenance activities and for organizing meetings to raise awareness among the population on the importance of using drinking water also for personal hygiene, especially for children.

Unfortunately, the works, which began in January 2023, were interrupted almost immediately due to terrorist attacks that occurred during the year and are still ongoing.
The approved allocation for the construction is currently frozen in a local bank.
Our representative Christian Katou hopes to be able to go on site in the first months of next year to resume work.